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Wear: ear
Headphone type: Cable
There is no microphone: no
Earphone: other after-sales service after-sales service
Plug: 3.5mm
Plug type: straight type
Headset output audio: audio-visual
Cable length: 1.25 meters
Sensitivity: 130 dB
Earphone impedance: 25 ohms
Frequency range: 10~35000Hz
Category: other Headset Headset
Brand: America RANKO Long Ge
Model: RIE-1020
At the end of 2012, RANKO has released the first heavyweight products in the United States RIE-1020 New York. Research and development efforts in recent years, RANKO not to spare in the headset market, although no new published several years of silence, but the RANKO headphones and stereo fever market still occupy an important position, so in the REA-100 headphone amplifier HI-END level after no new product release is not surprising. The real cause craze is concerned with another covered the mystery of earplugs new products - RIE-1020.
From RANKO official said the information point of view, RIE-1020 is a senior level position monitoring fever earplugs, for enthusiasts to create top with earplug. The reason why this product can cause so much attention, mainly because she was moving coil and a precious materials and key technology of moving iron coaxial hybrid dynamic response of the sounding body......!!
Streamline and in accordance with the design of the human ear canal, pure hand - made of natural precious wood floor exterior, all can be said beyond the market customization CM Headset pinnacle. In the design of the body is more aloof with dirt, high purity single crystal silver, copper enameled wire used for reasonable mixing machine, can let the game player undoubtedly enjoy ultra wideband audio performance. Rare frequency components and high dynamic and hybrid iron three driving unit, RANKO is the unique style of the damping material selection, avoiding resonance cavity resonance to lower the resonance space quiet; transparent, lively, broad sense of space, is the best at RIE-1020...
From the information that can be learned, the internal unit RANKO RIE-1020 through two different catheter in the final mix a cavity, the sound is a complex process, the internal design and manufacturing process of the cavity with high precision. So you can see RANKO's superb level of development and manufacturing process.

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