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The original RP-2000

High purity 7NOFHC (99.99998%) oxygen free copper power line 5.5 square *2 new light gray PE nylon net covered, OFC copper 5.5 square wire, diameter 15mm (net).

Water like water, like a volcano, a pang of nature sound field and strong permeability, detailed analysis, high value of OFHC copper power line....!!


RANKO is a ACOUSTICS Runge was founded in 1992 in New York America (New York) of a company have a fever acoustics, founder of a group of music and sound research senior game player, the company is a professional development and production of all kinds of high fidelity audio wire and tuning parts....

The company's product strategy focuses on practical parity, wire transfer sound technology unique in the upgrading and improvement, still insist on maintaining low-cost high-quality product line, particularly in the use of single crystal metal materials, it is to reach the acme of perfection realm, has been hailed as the "have a fever line of pragmatism" --RANKO ACOUSTICS

OCC is one kind of metal processing technology the world patent, the current global use of OCC wire rod, a lot of RANKO ACOUSTICS, which is a. Advantages of OCC wire rod can be from two aspects to explain, the first is the purity, the purity of OFC was 99.997% 4N, the purity of OCC to 7N was 99.99998%, the second kind of copper particle structure of copper wire, copper wire per meter of length OFC, is composed of 50 pieces of copper particles, copper particle particle called the outer membrane the transmission signal, current required by the particle layers, signal transmission must be subject to interference and delay, a length of copper copper particles OCC is up to 125 meters, so as to transmit a sound signal, it is no obstacle, OFC wire into OCC, as for a high-speed railway from the ordinary one kind of railway, fast, comfortable, natural, perfect. Fast, barrier free transmission characteristics can make the best use of OCC wire, RANKO wire to the main reason with close to the silver quality....

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